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Building a car can, at times, be a bit overwhelming. With so many options to choose from for just about anything you may desire to do, along with a seemingly endless amount of internet vendors all selling what seems to be the same product, a car build can be hard to manage at times. Fortunately, there is a safe bet for you if you want to put your hands on anything related to your car build or to speak with a manufacturer representative.


With no better location to place a bet, The “Specialty Equipment Market Association” (SEMA) has been hosting an annual trade show in Las Vegas for just that.


For the 50th year running, SEMA has been advocating, promoting, and...most importantly...working to protect an industry so many of us love: modifications for our vehicles. Just about anything you can dream up to change on your vehicle is represented on the floor at SEMA. There are also many companies at this massive show hoping to start the next big automotive trend so it is a great place to get ideas.


This car will eat you.

                                Or at least your fingers.....

With campaigns built around bringing the automotive community together to help prevent laws and regulations that could have adverse effects on what we do and how we personalize our vehicles, SEMA has taken on a role of education. They aspire to inform as they provide a platform for our unified voices as "cartruckmotorcycleatv" (really, anything with wheels and engines) enthusiasts and they have proven the worth of their organization countless times by their actions to raise awareness.

Wow. As you will see soon enough I have gained an appreciation for drifting and the culture that brought it up. This car is sweet.
The real story today is the tradeshow. SEMA is truly a celebration of show and go, along with anything in between or around. For the price of a display booth you can help support the cause with SEMA, and put your product out in front of more people than you will ever get sitting on a busy streetcorner in any town here in the US. 

It would be a tragic waste of bandwidth for me to try to describe everything that I saw walking around the show floor. My eyes popped out of my head more times than I care to count and, as you're heard before, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Even many of the static displays were fantastic. SEMA is a true automotive dream event.
My favorite race car genre...ever.


Green with envy!
Auto shops work tirelessly to prepare their cars for the bright lights of SEMA. Hurry, hurry, hurry, it is last minute everything for many of these builders. My favorite quote of the show came from some fellas affiliated with the Lucky 7 Speed shop in Nor-Cal. I was informed by one of their representatives that, "The paint guys were going to cut the cords to our welders!" That sums up a lot in the world of car building doesn't it?
Thank goodness we ran into the folks from Lucky 7. I was just about to do an "off the deep end inspection" on their show car to figure out what was so different about it when they arrived at their display. All is well, they told me and then did a full walk around. All I can say is, wow.
They named it, "Tomahawk".


Of course some manufacturers like to have a presence at these events, especially if some of their cars are legendary.
Or at least deeply immersed in automotive culture......
Right Toyota?
Unfortunately I didn't have an opportunity to speak with anyone from Factory Five Racing, but their product speaks for itself!
"sit down, shut up, you know the rest......"

I can hear my maniacal laughter as I depress the accelerator closer to its imminent, destiny driven meeting with the floor. #dreams

It becomes much clearer to yourself when you realize there were celebrities all over the place there, and you are oblivious because some of your favorite builders and their cars are present. For awhile though, I thought there was only one company out there modding Porsches anymore. I won't give too many details, as I don't want to point any fingers.....
But don't write all the 911s off as you walk by...
You might miss some absolute amazing machinery!
Or spot one of these. Certainly does not fit in the standard garden variety of Porsche's present at the show.
You know you are a true car nerd when you are geeking-out due to the fact that you happen to be chatting cars with none other than Singer Vehicle Design test-driver Seamus ....
Here is something that caught my eye in the best of ways...100% carbon fiber wheels from ESE Carbon.


Look for more on these wheels soon. I am quite excited about 20"wheels that weigh ~10lbs!

SEMA offers more stuff than you can possibly take in during the scheduled four days of the event.

But, in true "The Universe is Speaking to You" fashion, as I was walking out at the end of my last full day there...quite literally walking out the door to catch the last shuttle back to the hotel...a glimmer around a corner captured my attention. I had to investigate and I am so glad I did as this find quickly developed into what was my favorite car of the week. Twisted Images shop proprietor, Phil, is the proud owner of this unique monster and as I chatted with him about the car I realized that this build stood out to me as the epitome of what we do. We break the rules. Not by supporting different manufacturers, or wearing t-shirts from only certain companies, but by following our own ideas and paths that lead us to do what? Yes, break the rules...
Not the first thing I noticed about this car, but a pleasant discovery during inspection that made me feel all warm and fuzzy... #allofthefeels
But how?This car has representation from many Asian countries all tied together with creative, american flare. Leave your calls to what countries you see in the comments....No matter where you get your car fix, if you step back a moment and just take this in, the level of focus needed to safely execute everything here and make it look tidy is immense.
With focus comes skill...
The best part is, this car is a driver for Phil. A quick translation for those not in the "know". This car works.
It doesn't hurt that this paint is original as this car started life as a dealer campaign vehicle...
That is why this is my favorite here. Tell me this car is a conformist seeking attention in a social media world by using contrived formulas proven to garner Instagram likes (@twistedimages btw)
This car to me represents some/any/all of the title here. Tell me if you agree in the comments below......