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Flirting with the Edge of Performance – 2019 Ford Edge ST Review

Ford has put the highly revered ST badge on a crossover. To determine if the Edge ST is worthy of the badge we ran it through its paces including one of the hardest evaluations ewe have ever done...move in day at college. Did the Edge ST deliver on the performance promises of that "ST" badge or is this just a lackluster attempt to attract buyers into a mediocre platform? Click on the link for our full review.

This Kia has Soul – 2020 Kia Soul GT-Line Review

The Kia Soul was made famous by Kia's hamster ad scheme. But the little Kia that could found a cult following. Backed by Kia's class-leading warranty, the Kia Soul has become a familiar site on the road. The latest iteration of the hamster-mobile has made some physical changes to the appearance and offerings both inside and out. Click to read the full article to see if these changes add up to a better end product.

Tackling Tarmac and Tough Terrain in Toyota’s Tacoma TRD Pro – 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Review

Toyota's Tacoma TRD Pro is designed to be a serious off-roader while meeting all the requirements of an every day family vehicle. To see if they succeeded we ran this VooDoo blue Taco through the ringer at the biggest airshow in the world, EAA AirVenture. One week of arduous use over a 1400-acre airport gave us a pretty good look at the capabilities of this hard core Toyota. Click to read the full story...

A Regal Road Trip – 2019 Regal TourX Review

Last year Buick launched its first station wagon in more than twenty years…the Regal TourX. Based on an Opel chassis but powered by an all-American engine, the gorgeous lines make a good case for some station wagon love as an alternative to all of the crossovers and SUVs currently on the market. To see just how good the wagon life can be, we took a Regal TourX from Detroit to Florida and back. Check out the story for all the details.