4. Volkswagen Golf R (2012 – 2013 – Mark VI)

4. Volkswagen Golf R (2012 - 2013 - Mark VI) The predecessor to the Mk VI Golf R was Volkswagen’s R32. It featured a 3.2-liter VR6 six-cylinder engine that put out just under 250hp. People seemed disappointed when the new Golf R came out with a turbocharged four-cylinder. But that four-banger put out more power (265hp) and, above all else, was lighter. That changed the steering and handling [...]

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Volkswagen Spektrum program Offers 40 Custom Colors for 2019 Golf R

Herndon, VA (August 15, 2018) — Volkswagen of America, Inc., (VWoA) announced today the Volkswagen SpektrumProgramforthe2019GolfR. Theprogramwillallowcustomerstochoosefrom40customorder colors—in addition to the five standard colors—ranging from Nogaro Blue Pearl and Violet Touch Metallic, to Caribbean Green and Copper Orange Metallic. These options make the Golf R stand out, from the highway to the driveway, while also highlighting the owners’ personality. The MSRP for one of the custom colors is $2,500. [...]

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2016 Audi S3 vs. VW Golf R: Is R greater than or equal to S3

The Audi S3 is built on a heritage of revolutionary racing innovations and catering to the finer things in automotive life. The Golf R is a direct descendant of the hot-hatch revolution. Which one did we want to take home at the end of the day?