2. Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 (2011 – 2012)

2. Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 (2011 – 2012) Porsche has had quite the history with its GT3 model and this is the one that sent me over the edge. When I was blessed with the opportunity to take the wheel and spend a day with the now legendary 4-liter I couldn’t sleep the night before. The “997” GT3 was an amazing car in its own right and [...]

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3. Ford Mustang Shelby GT350/350R (2016-2019)

3. Ford Mustang Shelby GT350/350R (2016-2019) The Mustang is one of the most popular sports cars but it has always been a bit of a portly beast to tame with a running joke of being a weekend car show curb star. The Shelby GT500 has always taken that formula and added more power which, for some drivers, meant more trouble.  But in 2012 Ford offered a variation of [...]

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5. Porsche Cayman GT4 (2016)

The GT4 has been showered with accolades since its debut. With a new GT4, based off the current Porsche 718, hitting the roads, many automotive writers are dredging up their own notes on the original model to see how it compares to the new.  Porsche’s GT4 was the first time the company gave the mid-engined Cayman chassis the opportunity to dethrone the 911. Porsche has been overprotective of [...]

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Top Five of the Past Decade

Top Five Cars of the Past Decade In just a few days 2019 will be lost to the history books and 2020 kicks off. That means not only is this the end of another year, but it is the end of a decade as well. And what a decade is has been. From the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series to the current political climate…not to mention climate [...]

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