Auto Exotica Top Five Picks of the last decade

Top Five Cars of the Past Decade

In just a few days 2019 will be lost to the history books and 2020 kicks off. That means not only is this the end of another year, but it is the end of a decade as well. And what a decade is has been. From the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series to the current political climate…not to mention climate change, there has been no shortage of issues to kick your anxiety into high gear.

The automotive world has seen its share of triumphs and failures as well. But I’m only going to focus on the most positive moments from the past ten years. Over the next five days I will share what I feel are the five best cars of the past decade. So buckle up and away we go! But first, a quick hat tip to Michael Spinelli from The Drive for doing his own Top Five of the last decade and inspiring me to do the same.